Creating Crowds

    Robert Rost is a painter living and working at Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

    This website is showcasing him exploring relations between the subject and construction of crowds and how these relate to painting gestures and textures of paint.

    Rost has released himself from imagery painting while keeping it's set of rules intact; creating paintings which can be abstract and figurative simultaneously. From a distance the spectator might perceive an image of a crowd; approaching the canvas this image will fall apart into sole expressive paintstrokes which release an abstract story on its own.

    The phenomenon of a crowd, the process of it's development and growth shows many similarities with those of the process of creating a painting and the act of painting itself. By tuning the sets of rules and testing it's variations, Rost is exploring a concept he is refering to as Crowdpainting.

    Eventually each serie will be categorised as a concept and a dedicated page then can be found on this website. Crossover categories are evident and along the timeline links regarding subject, technique, colour, texture and style will emerge.

    Feel free to get in touch for inquieries or purchases by using the contactsheet in top of this page (i).

    Welcome to this journey on crowds.


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