Whatever the meaning of a certain crowd might be, the moment it is categorized and a subject, title or label is attached to it, we tend to assign a value, judgement or opinion to it's origin. To understand the formation, functionality or compostion we need to understand all parameters, context and dynamics. It is easy to misinterpret values and meaning of a crowd by personal misconceptions or perspective. For example it is difficult to fathom a crowd when one is part of it.

    When looking at a crowdpainting one might see merely a structure of paint. One might even be aware it suggests a crowd of people. But it might not be clear to the spectator if the crowd is migrating, partying, fighting or dancing. The title given by the artist might give a clue, but can also activate a prejudice or make one see an image one cannot let go anymore. Titling and categorizing these crowdpaintings is inevitable for the artist to communicate the process he is investigating, but is blinding the spectator just as much.