Robert Rost paints portraits for you in various styles, techniques and sizes.

    Commission a personal portrait

    Would you like to have an unique portrait of your love of your life, your child, grandchild, friend or even your pet? Robert is an experienced and passionated portrait painter who can create an unique and special portrait for you.

    Over the years Robert has painted hundreds of portraits  in many styles, techniques and sizes varying from small classical portraits in oil paint to huge modern urban murals in acrylics and spraypaint.


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    For a commission please get in touch using the contact form in the right top of this website.  With a personal approach and plan Robert will create for your personal portrait or portrait for your business.

    Children portraits

    Have your children painted while they are still young and enjoy everyday the wonderful and fun expressions and faces they have in their childhood as a baby, toddler or teenager. Robert has painted many portraits of his own childeren, capturing these unique moments and personalities.

    Tronie portraits

    Tronie paintings depict a facial expression or facial feature capturing and offer a range of affordable commissioned portraits due to the fast making and small dimensions. Painting in general quickly and with loose gestures,  Robert aims to capture the brief moment of a facial expression and particular character in a likewise short timeframe.

    Pet portraits

    How awesome to have a personal portrait of pet created by Robert!