About painting

    My painting is a journey of exploring hidden discoveries within myself and my environment while constructing and deconstructing paint and image.

    the act of painting can be bold, blunt and funny as well.

    The act of painting allows me to focus on creative construction. All my life, the process has been ongoing, and it seems to coincide with my development as a person. It is another way to identify my vision and thoughts; it allows me to express myself.


    As a painter I have always been creating naturalistic and figurative works. Paintings which depict or show imagery from the world around us. I have always liked it when my painting gestures show expression and a painting has body. It's remarkable how a stroke of paint can transfer some kind of emotion or message to a spectator, even many years later.

    In this project of crowdpainting I am chasing a concept which changed my approach to painting. As a figurative painter I just was bored with the imagery being the dominant element of the painting. For me, it is the materiality and act of painting which I can appreciate much more.  It is in these crowdpaintings that I can fully focus on the markmaking of expressive painting, without even losing the image.